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Well, when I was 4,

my dad bought(买了) a trusty(可靠的) Xbox(微软Xbox游戏机).

You know, the first ruggedy(耐用的), blocky(结实的) one from 2001.

We had tons(许多) and tons and tons of fun playing all kinds of games together,

until he died when I was just 6.

I...couldn't touch that console(控制器) for 10 years.

But once I did,

I noticed(注意到) something.

We used to(过去经常) play a racing game(竞速游戏), Rally Sports Challenge(拉力挑战赛),

actually, pretty awesome for the time it came.

And once I started meddling around(乱弄),

I found a ghost...literally(真正地).

You know when a time race(计时赛) happens,

that the fastest lap(一圈) so far gets recorded(记录) as a ghost driver(影子车手)?

Yep, you guessed it(猜对了). His ghost still rolls(行驶) around that track(跑道) today.

And so I played and played and played until I was almost able to beat(打败) the ghost.

Until one day I got ahead of it, I surpassed(超过) it,and...

I stopped right in front of the finish line,

just to ensure(确保) I wouldn't delete(删除) it.



【spiritual】['spɪrɪtʃʊəl] adj. 精神的,心灵的;



【blocky】['blɒkɪ] adj.结实的,块状结构的;

【rally】['ræli] n.拉力赛车,群众大会; v.召集;集合;

【console】['kɑnsol] n. 操纵台,游戏控制器;

【meddle】['mɛdl] v.瞎搞,玩弄,插手,干预,干涉,管闲事

【literally】['lɪtərəli] adv.确实地,简直;

【lap】[læp] n.一圈;

【track】 [træk] n.跑道;

【surpass】[sər'pæs] v.超过,优于;

【bliss】[blɪs] n.幸福,喜悦;